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Gree – because delivering an efficient world should not only be attainable, but easy and affordable in doing so. Gree has manufactured HVAC products for many of the world’s most respected brands – for over 20 years – trusted to manufacture high quality products that push the limits of features and design.  Gree systems are amongst the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly on the market today.

Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner/Heat Pumps

All prices shown are for the supply and installation of Gree heat pumps.

Feature-rich with advanced components

The Hansol is our highest-efficiency model, specially designed to save energy and protect the environment. Through our commitment to smart ecological design, the Hansol's unrivaled technology packs an energy-efficient punch that is guaranteed to resonate well in any atmosphere. This sleek heating and cooling device is a ductless wall mount air conditioning system, equipped with the latest G10 inverter technology and an intelligent energy saving function – engineered to reduce up to 65% of your energy consumption. Minimal and contemporary in appearance, the Hansol easily blends in with its surroundings and utilises a highly intuitive wireless remote control that aids in regulating room temperature with in-built I FEEL automation. Our state-of-the-art photocatalytic filter and X-fan improves air quality by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, while dually inhibiting mildew growth on its coil. Advanced efficiency with refreshing ease, the Hansol sustains long-term savings for you and the environment.

Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 2.5Kw

Hot Price from $1750*


Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 3.8Kw

Hot Price from $2199*


Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 5.3Kw

Hot Price from $2350*


Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 7Kw

Hot Price from $2999*


Gree Hansol Hi Wall Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 8Kw

Hot Price from $3150*


Gree Floor Console Heat Pumps and Ducted Units

Gree Floor Console 5.3kW

Hot Price from $2899*

The Gree Floor Console offers an alternative option for home cooling and heating. It can be recessed into a wall and is an ideal replacement for a traditional home fire. Now with WiFi as standard!

Power Saving Technology – GREE Sine-Wave DC Inverter technology allows a room to reach the required temperature more rapidly than a fixed speed heat pump. It also eliminates the stop start operation used by fixed speed heat pumps. This can lead to power savings of up to 30% when sized correctly for the living space.

New Smart Generation WiFi Control – Wi-Fi available on all models of the Hyper range in both Apple and Android. After installing the “Gree Smart” APP on your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world. No additional parts or wiring as Wi-Fi comes factory fitted and available at no extra charge.

Gree - Floor Console 5.3Kw AC7403

Gree Ducted Inverter Air Conditioner 8Kw

Hot Price from $7999*

These slim indoor units are designed to be concealed above suspended ceilings or within open closet spaces to deliver conditioned air via ducting and suitable ceiling or wall grilles.

This arrangement provides immense flexibility, in terms of both the distribution of conditioned air and the type of grille or diffuser that best compliments the room’s styling.

Gree - Ducted Inverter Air Conditioner (Heat Pump) 8Kw GFH24K

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About our prices

*Prices are back-to-back installations which means the indoor unit is installed on perimeter wall and outdoor directly behind. Subject to site inspection. Add 5% if requiring finance.

**Price based on single level property, no more than 5 metres pipe work. Roof Penetration Kits and Wall Brackets may not be included. Limited time only.

Includes full installation, electrical work and Electrical Certificate. Comes with 6 year warranty.


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