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Gree Heat Pumps– because delivering an efficient world should not only be attainable, but easy and affordable in doing so. Gree has manufactured HVAC products for many of the world’s most respected brands – for over 20 years – trusted to manufacture high quality products that push the limits of features and design.  Gree systems are amongst the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly on the market today.

Gree has a wide range of units for what you need. See the most popular Gree Heat Pumps.

GREE Lomo 2.5kw Hi-Wall Inverter Heat Pump, Back to Back Installed, With WI-FI

$2200* but purchase two or more & only pay $1950*each.

GREE Lomo 5.6kw Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pump, Back to back Installed

$3000*purchase two or more & pay only $2800* for each unit.

GREE Lomo 7.1kw Hi wall fully install back to back with WIFI


GREE Hyper 8kw Hi-wall Inverter Heat Pump Installed. WIFI included.

$3800*+ gst

New Smart Generation WiFi Control

Wi-Fi available on all models of the Hyper range in both Apple and Android.
After installing the “Gree Smart” APP on your phone or tablet, you can
remotely control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world.
No additional parts or wiring as Wi-Fi comes factory fitted and available at no extra charge

Quietly Smart

The new Hyper range of heat pumps is Gree’s quietest yet. The
GWH19/12ABA models both achieve a staggering low 19dB (A),
coupled with seven fan speeds, you get the perfect airflow with super quiet operation.

The Benefits

In auto the fan speed automatically adjusts as ttemperature changes

Fresh Air Ventilation

Adjust the slider to ventialte and expel smoke and odours from the room.

Anti-Corrosion Protection Features

Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coils. Galvanised and painted slide out chassis

Sleep function

The sleep function changes the set point temperature after one and then two hours. This follows a more natural sleep pattern.

Smart Health

The Gree Lomo range comes with High Density Filters.
These filters have a higher than normal density to filter
more dust and pollen from the air. Mini Photocatalytic
filters are also standard.
The Gree Lomo range has a coil drying function. When
selected this automatically runs the indoor fan for a set
period after switching the unit off. This dries the indoor coil to prevent the build-up of mildew.

Intelligent Defrosting

Intelligent defrosting is designed to minimise the defrost
time and reduce the number of defrost cycles; therefore, reducing energy waste. 

Why Choose Gree Cassette Air Conditioners?

Gree’s Inverter Heat Pump is the next generation of climate control technology. Gree’s energy
efficient outdoor units are available in a full range of capacities to perfectly match a wide range of
climate control challenges.
Each is powered by Gree’s energy efficient G10 inverter and variable speed compressor. Our G10
inverter technology saves energy, reduces outdoor noise and keeps room temperatures steady.
Harsh start ups have been eliminated with Gree’s Closed Loop start up technology. This improves
compressor start up reliability under limited start up current.

Why Choose a Gree Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Gree Ducted Air Conditioning Systems offer discreet heating and cooling for your whole home
or work place. Each install is tailored specifically for your home or office, so your Gree Ducted Air
Conditioning System will fit perfectly into your environment. By adding zone controls, it offers a
higher level of control compared to traditional air conditioning units, which means a greater level
of comfort and increased energy efficiency.

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About our prices

*Prices are back-to-back installations which means the indoor unit is installed on perimeter wall and outdoor directly behind. Subject to site inspection. Add 3% if requiring more than 6months finance.

**Price based on single level property, no more than 5 metres pipe work. Roof Penetration Kits and Wall Brackets may not be included. Limited time only.

Includes full installation, electrical work and Electrical Certificate. Comes with 6 year warranty.


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