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We supply and install Fujitsu Heat Pumps

We specialise in supplying and installing Fujitsu Heat Pumps. Fujitsu comes highly recommended by Asthma New Zealand, offering advanced filters to reduce asthma and allergy triggers in your home. Fujitsu also provides a unique written guarantee tailored to your specific space, ensuring optimal performance for heating and cooling. This Performance Guarantee outlines the specifics of your home and how Fujitsu will operate. Notably, Fujitsu has independently earned the title of NZ's Superbrand, being recognised as the trusted iconic Heat Pump brand for three consecutive years. We stock all types of Fujitsu heat pump systems, whether you’re looking for commercial heat pumps or a ducted heat pump installation for your home, look no further than BA Heatpumps in Wellington.

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*All prices shown are for the supply and installation of Fujitsu heat pumps.

*Conditions apply.

Fujitsu Floor Console Heat Pumps

All prices shown are for the supply and installation of Fujitsu heat pumps.

Fujitsu High Capacity Floor Console

6kW Hot Price from $3399+gst installed
8kW Hot Price from $4199+gst installed

The larger floor consoles will give you all the heat you need. They can deliver up to 8kW of heat effortlessly and quietly and can also be installed as a ceiling suspended unit if required.

Fujitsu High Capacity Floor Console 6kw ABTG18LVT
Fujitsu High Capacity Floor Console 8kw ABTG24LVTC

Fujitsu Compact Cassettes

Hot Price from $4499+gst installed

The cassette models sit in the ceiling, so they are almost invisible. But you’ll feel the difference, with 4-way air distribution (which can be configured to suit your room), and turbo fan technology which will heat (or cool and dehumidify in summer) the whole room quickly and efficiently.

Fujitsu Under Ceiling 11.2Kw – for big houses / Commercial heating & cooling

Hot Price from $6499+gst installed

Powerful, more efficient, quieter.

The Under Ceiling model is an ideal unit for commercial and other big open space, high ceiling applications. Fujitsu Inverter technology and the highly efficient DC components provide low cost operation with improved energy efficiency.These models also incorporate Quiet Mode that delivers super quiet operation, despite powerful airflow. Other features include air filter maintenance indicator and optional condensate drain pump.

Fujitsu Under Ceiling 11.2Kw MODEL SET-ABTA36LAT

ASTG18/22/24KMTC^ AOTG18/22/24KMTD

6.0 - 8.0kW of Heating

Hot Price from $3099+gst installed


9.0 - 10.3kW of Heating

Hot Price from $4299+gst installed


3.2 - 3.7kW of Heating

Hot Price from $2299+gst installed

KMTC Model Features


Designed to be less obtrusive and integrate seamlessly with the room’s interior, the new ASTG18/22/24KMTC models within the range are slimmer than the previous Fujitsu
lifestyle units by 30mm* in depth. The matte finish and smooth edges create a modern aesthetic to suit contemporary homes. 


The lifestyle range of Hi Wall reverse cycle air conditioning units are Fujitsu General’s most efficient! An improved star rating for heating mode has been achieved across the ASTG18/22/24KMTC models, along with an improved star rating in cooling mode on the ASTG18KMTC model.


The complete KMTC range now features a group control option. This allows for up to 16 indoor units to be controlled as a group from one wired remote control. Each indoor unit requires the optional control PCB to allow connection to a single wired controller. Backlit touch panel controller and simple remote controller options are available.


An intelligent feature which detects movement of people to deliver optimum efficiency and temperature control. When in operation, if the sensor detects no movement in a room after 20 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically switch to energy saving operation.

Fujitsu’s Ducted Central Heating & Cooling

Heat Pump Ducted System 10Kw

Hot Price from $11599+gst

Prices shown is for the supply and installation of the Fujitsu Ducted Central Heating & Cooling unit.

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