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Central Heating Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted & Servicing Wellington - throughout Wellington and Lower Hutt

As registered electricians and qualified heat pump suppliers our contractors understand the need for discreet heating and cooling

When you choose a ducted heat pump in Wellington, the system will be highly discreet as all the workings are hidden away behind your walls and ceilings. Although you won't see a ducted heat pump system, you'll definitely feel its impact. Our ducted heat pump installations ensure your home stays cool during hot Wellington summers and cosy when winter chills arrive.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation ducted heat pump installation quote and pricing. We work throughout the Wellington region, including Porirua, Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt.

16kw Fujitsu Ducted heat pump

Our ducted systems are the ultimate in comfort, creating the perfect even temperature throughout your home at the touch of a button. They enhance your home lifestyle and because the indoor unit is totally concealed, usually within a ceiling void, they deliver heating and cooling that’s a beautiful experience, and yet virtually invisible.

Ducted Unit for your NZ home

Ducted Unit for your NZ home

Benefits of Ducted Unit

  • Simple Operation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Zone Control
  • Whole Home Temperature Control
  • Seamless look
  • Value for money

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