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Talk to us today about financing. It's easy! Get your heat pump finance today.

We provide easy heat pump finance across a wide range. 

  • Long Term Finance 
  • Q Card and Q MasterCard EFTPOS
  • Farmers Finance Card
  • Flight Center MasterCard
  • GEM Finance
  • Union Pay

Special Offers

  • Long-term finance offers a wider interest-free arrangement 
  • Get 3 months of "no payments" and "no interest" on every purchase with Q Card  & MasterCard 
  • Use Q Card  & MasterCard for some other electrical work too.
  • Get 55 days interest-free on every purchase with Farmers Card

Simply call / text or message here

We will organise to come to see you. It's a really easy process getting your heat pump finance!

Normal lending criteria apply.

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