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7Kw Gree Hansol AC7304 Fully installed from $2999inc*

Gree Hansole 2.5Kw AC7301 ideal for the small bedroom fully installed from $1750*inc

Gree Hansole 8Kw AC7305 fully installed priced from $3150*inc

*prices are Subject to onsite inspection but most of the times thats it. A deal is a deal! So get in quick. For back to back install only where indoor is on perimeter wall and outdoor behind it on exterior wall 3-4 meters away. Includes full installation, electrical work & electrical certificate supplied. Comes with 6years warranty!

Gree ducted GFH24K 8Kw priced from $7999*inc

Gree Hansole AC7302 3.8Kw from $2199*inc fully installed

Gree Hansole 5.3Kw AC7303 fully in stalled priced from $2350*inc

5.3Kw floor console AC7403 from $2799*inc


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