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9kw 53QHB090 System installed $3699inc gst

7.8Kw 53QHB070 fully installed from $3200inc gst


Quick heating by Turbo Mode

With this function, the heat pump will maximise the output of the heating or cooling capacity, making the room heat up or cool down rapidly, and attain the desired temperature in the shortest amount of time.

New R32 Refrigerant - Better For Your World

R-32 is a next generation refrigerant that efficiently carries heat whilst having a lower
environmental impact. The new Carrier X-Power Titanium range of Hi-Walls efficiently conveys
heat and can reduce your electricity consumption.

Golden Fin Plus - Neutral Salt Spray & Acid Resistance

The new generation anti-corrosive golden coating on the heat exchangers can withstand the salty air, rain and other corrosive elements. It also effectively prevents bacteria from breeding and improves heat efficiency.

High Efficiency 3D Inverter

Various technology used results in lower power consumption, saving you money on your electricity bill, lower sound level, lower vibration and higher efficiency, powerful performance which attains the desired temperature in your home much quicker for ultimate comfort.

WIFI Enabled Feature

The unit comes enabled with WIFI. An optional WIFI kit is needed to use the WIFI function. Simply plug in the USB adaptor, download the Carrier Air Conditioning smart phone app and you will be able to control your heat pump from anywhere. Setting weekly timers, on/off function, self diagnosis can all be done through the app.


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