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Busy season

June 7, 2016
ASTG18LVCC Heat Pump recently installed....
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8 watts for the LED down lights. The existing 50watts dichroic lamp down lights had to be replaced. So a total of 6 down lights replaced going from 300 watts to 48watts. How bout that for power saving!...
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Safety first

May 21, 2016
This heat pump installed above a stairwell posed some installing difficulties. But we got there in the end....
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I did a heat pump quote today in Otaki. So glad I had my jacket...
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What I do like about these units is they are powerful for its size & have great energy star ratings. This heat pump installed today not only looked the part, it did what a heat pump should do. So great with cooling as well....
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Rewiring a house

April 18, 2016
We found this junction box up in the ceiling space & got rid of it. Every cable in this home in Titahi Bay went to this box & a few days later every cable was new & going to a new switchboard. BA Heat Pumps is not just about heat pumps...
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New switchboard work

April 4, 2016
Spent most of the day today replacing an old switchboard with AJ. To make it safe for this home owner, we had to bring it up to standard according to the NZ rules & regulations. I tell everyone with a switchboard like this to get it replaced....
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There are good air conditioning units out there. This one I installed is great. Just a good heat pump. This floor console 8kw is one that can get the job done. ...
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April 2, 2016
I've come come across 100's of houses that have this wiring in them. Gotta go. Definate rewire required here. Think safe. We came across this the other week and spent the day making it safe. The old wiring in our homes are a fire hazard but ordinary everyday people like you ...
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